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CSC offers former employees lump-sum payouts on pensions – Washington Business Journal (blog)

CSC offers former employees lump-sum payouts on pensionsWashington Business Journal (blog)It can offset pension liability, which is calculated through a complicated formula that estimates the amount of money that will be paid to pension participants over the course of their lifetime. That formula is influenced by interest rates and …and more »

What Oracle Could Learn From Microsoft About The Cloud (readwriteweb)

Has this man seen the cloud?
Oracle still doesn't get cloud computing. At Oracle OpenWorld this week, there were signs that Oracle was making serious changes to its business model, embracing cloud computing in a way that it hitherto hasn't. Unfortunately, a review of what Oracle announced suggests that it has a long way to go before Oracle's cloud becomes anything more than Larry Ellison's derisive "water vapor."
Of course, Oracle was never going to be able to compete with Amazon in the cloud. That's a bridge too far for a company that has spent decades licensing software. Lots of it.
Even so, if Oracle truly wants to better understand how to turn a massive, legacy data center business and orient it to the cloud, it need look no further than Microsoft.
## Oracle's "Inconceivable" Cloud
Give points to Oracle chairman Larry Ellison: he knows how to put on a good show. Accuracy, however, isn't always his strength.
In the midst of his keynote, he slagged SAP for not powering any clouds but then went a bit too far, as CSC's Simon Wardley points out:
Ellison, of course, referred to a few software-as-a-service applications. But when most people think …

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