Hardest Interview Questions to Answer

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Rand Paul must get ready for the big leagues – The Philadelphia Tribune

The Philadelphia TribuneRand Paul must get ready for the big leaguesThe Philadelphia TribuneIn one interview Paul interrupts a reporter while she asks serious questions, andin another interview he shushes the reporter by putting his finger to his mouth, and in another interview, Paul interrupts the reporter while she goes down a list of his …and more »

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The 10 weirdest questions asked in job interviews – 10 weirdest questions asked in job' answers range from "Brush myself off and walk to this interview" to "Sue the airplane manufacture and not have to answer another stupid interview question like this for the rest of my life." 9. "How many people flew out of Chicago last year …and more »

The 10 toughest interview questions

How would you respond to being asked the number of calories in a supermarket? We look at some of the hardest questions put to job hunters IT skills and past experience of dealing with a difficult colleague are the kinds of things you might expect to be asked about at an interview, but unless you’re planning to go into sports logistics, the number of tennis balls used at Wimbledon is unlikely to ……

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