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"Old Fashioned British Sweets From Your Childhood"

Getting Past 'Overqualified' in a Job Interview – Fortune

FortuneGetting Past 'Overqualified' in a Job InterviewFortuneHere's how to convince them. Dear Annie: Your recent article about changing careers after age 50 really hit home with me. … At the start of an interview, say something like, “You might be wondering why I'm interested in this job, after having been in …



Here's 17 Of The Strangest Job Interview Questions Ever Asked – Yahoo Finance

Yahoo FinanceHere's 17 Of The Strangest Job Interview Questions Ever AskedYahoo FinanceJob interviews: They're always the daunting, terrifying thing that stands in the way of you, and your dream job. And because of this, you can nearly always guarantee that they'll be designed to suss you out, and see how you'll react in the strangest of …and more »…

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