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Islamic State forces 180000 to flee in Iraq – Reuters

ReutersIslamic State forces 180000 to flee in IraqReutersIslamic State fighters extended that advance by overrunning a military base that the Iraqi army had abandoned 8 km (5 miles) west of Hit earlier on Monday, according to an army officer and members of a government-backed Sunni militia. Islamic State has …and more »

Russell Brand on How Capitalism Silences the Inherent Human Desire for Fairness (Truthdig)

    _I believe in change, personal change most of all," Russell Brand writes. "Know, too, that I have seen what fame and fortune have to offer and I know it’s not the answer. Of course, I have to change as an individual and part of that will be sharing wealth, though without systemic change, that will be a sweet, futile gesture." Dooley Productions / _

"I know, I know. I’m rich, I’m famous, I have money, I have had private security on and off for years," comedian Russell Brand acknowledges in a recent article for The Guardian as he discusses the need to abolish the guard labor that protects the rich. However, he goes on to concede, "There is no doubt that I as much as anyone have to change. Revolution is change."
And perhaps this is what is so appealing about Brand's paradoxically lofty yet accessible prose and overall flamboyant persona: his willingness to admit that a revolution must happen at all levels of society, even if that means sacrificing the privilege that he, among many others, reaps disproportionate benefits from. The Guardian article is an edited excerpt from the entertainer's new ……

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