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And You Might See Me Tonight With an Illegal Smile

College courses creep back into prisons – Press Herald

Press HeraldCollege courses creep back into prisonsPress HeraldThen dozens of professors and instructors from Washington state's public and private colleges surrender their driver's licenses and car keys to an armed guard, walk through the detector themselves and pass through a perimeter fence topped by coils of …

If We Only Spent <em>All</em> the Money, Then <em>Everyone</em> Would Be Prosperous! (Reason Magazine – Hit and Run)

On the front of today's _New York Times_ Business section is a remarkable—or should I say remarkably unremarkable—news article whose entire premise, unchallenged in the course of 1,341 words and input from 10 sources, is that more government spending is a very good thing because it leads to more government jobs and therefore helps the economy. Hooray!
If you think I am being unfair in this characterization, consider the headline: "Government Spending, Edging Up, Is a Stimulus." Or the headline on the jump page inside: "Rebound in Government Spending Starts to Aid Economy After Years of Cuts." Or the headline on the associated chart: "A Small But Important Lift." Or the blurb: "The public sector is once again adding to prosperity." Before consuming some counter-factual questions, enjoy the celebratory sounds of friction-free assumptions and loosening belts:
> NAPLES, Fla. — For a long stretch, government spending cutbacks at all levels were a substantial drag on economic growth. Now, finally, relief is in sight. For the first time since 2011, local, state and federal governments are providing a small but significant increase to prosperity. […]
> And so on a recent windswept afternoon, John Lynch, armed with …


Florida police release footage of a security guard who opened fire on armed masked men at an internet cafe.

restored quadriga atop Brandenburg Gate ►pale-verdigris gateway build-up (“horses'-herma”) in gloomy night◄

Rep. Tim Walz swaps Transportation for Defense, hopes to gain power

Former soldier expects Armed Services committee to be better power base for him, constituents.

Cultural heritage, military might on display on Republic Day – Economic Times

FirstpostCultural heritage, military might on display on Republic DayEconomic TimesThe synchronised military and police contingents led by General Officer Commanding (Delhi), Lt General Subroto Mitra marched proudly to the lilting tunes of bands through Rajpath where President and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces Pranab …Watched By Obama,India Displays Military Might,Diverse CultureThe New Indian Expressall 6,767 news articles »


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