Bodyguard Services

Security Guard, Private Investigator, Armed Guard Licence

Bodyguard Service is a department of our Security Corporation, a locally possessed and run, full-service security company. We offer highly qualified security guards to the Hamilton, Halton, and Niagara Regions. In addition to guard, we also provide patrol and alarm response. With over 30 years in the security market, our private investigators are able and ready to meet all your security requires.

In 2013, due to a high variety of rapes and violent break-ins, the city of Oslo  employed a personal security business  to patrol the downtown immigrant locations. This patrol had a favorable impact, and the city has, in addition to Metro Garda officers, now hired their own officers called Bymiljøetaten (City environment dep). The towns in Norway are not enabled to form their own “cops”. The only law enforcement agency in Norway is the federal authorities (politi).security guard jobs nyc

Guard in your town do not have special powers of arrest above that of the regular citizen, i.e. resident’s arrest, likewise known locally as the “101 arrest power”. If the transgressor is trying an arrestable offense, the Area 101 in the Crook Treatment Regulation addresses that arrest of a wrongdoer by a private citizen is permitted in certain situations. As soon as jailed, the suspect needs to be delivered to a cops office as soon as possible.

An arrestable offence is defined as any criminal offense lugging a sentence of more than 12 months jail time. No security personnel are permitted to browse other individual, nor are they permitted to get personal info from other individuals, with the exception of some certain conditions.

Security personnel have the exact same powers of arrest as a private citizen, called a “private individual” arrest, “anybody” arrest, or” citizen’s arrest “. A lot of security officers do not carry weapons. Added authorizations and training are usually needed if weapons are lugged. Armed security personnel are normally employed to safeguard delicate sites such as government and military installations, armored money transportations, casinos, banks and other monetary organizations, and nuclear reactor. Nevertheless, armed security is quickly ending up being a requirement for car patrol officers and on lots of other non-government websites.

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