# Is Security Guard allowed to do sometime fun for himself/herself at night?

There was a debate about whether security guard is allowed to do sometime fun for himself at night.

Some think that it is personal need, just like drinking water or going to toilet, should be allowed at work, especially many tools that can help which is very silent, as shown in pleasurepoint.store , therefore should not case any problem at all.

However, some think that if the security guard is away for a long time, it will cause problem to their work and cannot fulfill their duties. Problem may be even bigger if he/she has a colleague of different gender working together.

However, some argues that all those toys that bring enjoyment does not invoices others, and will not cause any harm to any other peoples. All the sounds during the enjoyment process can be sent via earphones (therefore no other can hear it), some tools even have auto clean function and produce a good smell at the end.

Usually, security guard companies will not specific everything in details in the employment contract or guidelines, therefore clear discussion about what you can do or cannot do may be very important in the long run.