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Obama seeks sequester's end, $74B spending hike –

Sacramento BeeObama seeks sequester's end, $74B spending hikeazcentral.comDuring his appearance in Philadelphia, Obama will also call for full funding of the Department of Homeland Security. Under a Republican plan, the department is financed only to the end of February as GOP lawmakers protest Obama's executive actions on …Obama wants end of sequester, seeks $74B spending hikeWTSP 10 Newsall 358 news articles »

Boston Nabs U.S. Olympics Nomination. Sucks to Be Boston. (Reason Magazine – Hit and Run)

The U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) announced Thursday that Boston—or rather, "a handful of select Boston interests"—had snagged America's nomination for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.
Why would any city want to host the Olympics in the first place? The bids are generally driven by politicans, who are motivated by a combination of delusions of economic prosperity and selfish desires to have a feather in their caps for landing an Olympics.
Massachusetts is no stranger to crony spending, and now its capital city will spend millions campaigning for the right to spend billions on an event that countless studies have shown generates virtually zero boost for local economies.
While Boston's campaign centered on its frugality and private funding—the bid promises a budget of "only" $4.5 from private sources and $5 billion in public funding for infrastructure—this kind of rhetoric was thrown around by organizers of the Athens, Vancouver, and London Games too. Surprise: Those events wound up costing national and city governments billions more than predicted.
Olympics historically run 200 percent over budget. Recently, the 2012 London Games cost three times more than anticipated, after promising only $4 billion in expenses. And the price for February's 2014 Sochi games? A whopping $51 billion—more than the entire cost …

Bazaar Helps Increase Security in Bakwa Province

Construction Fraud Seminar Adds Timely New Content on Corruption in Construction Projects

The Construction Audit and Cost Control Institute (CAACCI) announces new "hot topic" additions to the "Construction Fraud: Detection, Prevention & Response" seminar to be held in Dallas March 10-11, 2015. (PRWeb January 26, 2015) Read the full story at Http://…

"Stark Images Capture Real Life In One Of America's Poorest Towns" – ThinkProgress

ThinkProgress"Stark Images Capture Real Life In One Of America's Poorest Towns"ThinkProgress“That's when I signed up for Social Security and gone and made an ass out of myself,” he said. “'Cause right when I signed up they raised the age to 66, and now they're talking about raising it again to 70. But hardly no … The construction of the …

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