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Specialties pose problem in unemployment picture – NBC2 News

NBC2 NewsSpecialties pose problem in unemployment pictureNBC2 NewsShe's finding today's job market is focusing so much on specialties and employers are taking a hit too. "It's hard to find people that have the skill set, that have the experience or the certifications," Randy Montz of Bayfront Health said. It's …and more »

I'm going to keep dancing like I'm 22 || Happy Multi …

I just threw this together today between shifts at work, so I hope you like it! I really didn't even think about it until I got home and decided to listen to 22 😉

"I am such a good cook."
"I love you…what is wrong with me?!"
"What the hell?!"

Fandoms in order of FIRST appearance:
Shameless (US)
One Tree Hill
House of Lies
How I Met Your Mother
Veronica Mars

22 | Taylor Swift

COLLAB CHANNEL || Http://www.youtube.com/user/EverySongCol…
BACK UP || Http://www.youtube.com/user/EverySongStu…

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Day 324/365 - Jack of Many Trades

Candidate for Chicago Mayor Struggles to Unite Latinos and Blacks – New York Times

New York TimesCandidate for Chicago Mayor Struggles to Unite Latinos and BlacksNew York TimesCHICAGO — Jesus G. Garcia, candidate for mayor, strode down the sidewalk on Monday evening, trailed by a giddy pack of supporters, volunteers and passers-by. They snapped … Pressed to explain, he said he was tired of competing with Latinos for jobs …and more »

How Sleep Became A Social Justice Issue

Health researchers are underscoring the connection between sleep, work, and poverty—and the immense value of sleeping in. Maria Fernandes worked three jobs at three different Dunkin' Donuts stores in New Jersey. She napped when she could, often in her car between shifts. She tended to sleep with the engine running, and kept a container full of fuel in the back in case she ran out. On August 25 …


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