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Guard Dog To Service Dog: Study Looks At Doberman Health – WUFT

Guard Dog To Service Dog: Study Looks At Doberman HealthWUFTDoberman Pinschers were originally trained as guard dogs, but in the future, they may be able to provide support to owners with disabilities. New research trials at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital will study treatment methods for …


Choosing a canine guardian – Daily Herald

Daily HeraldChoosing a canine guardianDaily HeraldGuard dogs serve the same function as watch dogs in that they alert you when something is not right, but the difference is they have some bite behind their bark. They are usually intimidating in size and temperament and if push comes to shove they will …

The Cuban street mutts given homes in state institutions

These are the most pampered pets in Cuba, having been offered free accommodation, health care and food by some of the most prestigious institutions in the state.

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