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How Much Does A Security System Cost?

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One of the biggest factors as to whether or not a homeowner purchases a home security system is how much it costs. The cost of a security system should not be a hindrance when trying to protect one's home. Luckily, home security system companies have not only improved the technology of their security systems but have reduced the security system prices as well. So, how much do security systems cost? This video explains.

As our host explains, the cost of a security system varies based on what type of security system you purchase, what your monitoring method is, and if you choose any additional features like online & remote access or home automation. There are generally two costs when it comes to a home security system, the first being the up-front equipment cost and the second being the monthly monitoring fee. The security system equipment cost is pretty straightforward, it's the amount your equipment will cost. The monthly fee is generally based on which "plan" is chosen, what you use for monitoring (phone line or cellular) and whether or not you choose to have extra features like online access.

With the up-front equipment cost for a home security system you will normally have choices of packages or be able to customize your own. Some security system companies offer basic equipment packages free of charge when you sign up for a monitoring agreement while others offer systems for under $100. Customizing a system may cost a little more, but you can speak with a consultant at one of the top security companies to ask about pricing and to receive a full price quote based on different options. You may also want to ask about any discounts or incentives to bring down our security system costs.

The monthly fee for a home security system is dependent on a few factors. Cellular monitoring will generally cost a little more than phone line monitoring, but keep in mind cellular is a lot more reliable and if you use your home phone line, you're also paying the phone company a fee, so it normally evens out. As explained in the video, go with cellular; it's the better choice. Costs for security monitoring range from $30-$50+ depending on features. If you have cellular monitoring with online access you should expect to pay in the $40-$45 range. If you have cellular monitoring with online access and home automation, somewhere around $50 is the average. Basic cellular monitoring without any other features will be around $35. The most common contract lengths for security system companies is three years.

Overall, security system costs have come way down in the last several years. With the introduction of cellular monitoring and do it yourself home security there is no longer a need for lengthy, and pricy, installations and maintenance. Equipment has also gotten simpler and less expensive. Monthly fees for security systems have gone up just a tad, but that is mainly due to fact that there is more value in cellular monitoring than with phone line monitoring. Plus, as we said before, if you use a phone line for monitoring you're also paying for the phone line on top of your monthly fee for monitoring. is the go-to source for home security system reviews, FAQ's, and overall home security information and education. Security System Reviews provides expert security company reviews along with an extensive blog section with hundreds of articles pertaining to home security. Visit Http:// today to read our full security system reviews, find security system discounts, and learn more about security system costs.

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