Information Technology Salary 2015

Banks of the future are already here – The Next Web

The Next WebBanks of the future are already hereThe Next WebIf sellers had such information, they would offer to sell a suitcase to the first customer and a necklace to the second one. Banks have all of this information, … Technology makes banks more human. According to Skinner, soon they … Bankers will …and more »

Navy Reserve Security Officer

Python programmers: Big data's main squeeze – The San Diego Union-Tribune

Python programmers: Big data's main squeezeThe San Diego Union-TribuneWantedAnalytics, an industry research firm, declared it as one of the most in-demand information technology skills of 2015 and also found that it had the second-highest talent shortage. PYPL, the “popularity of programming language” index, put Python ……

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