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Philanthropy's Misguided Ideas for Fixing Ghetto Poverty: The Limits of Free … – The Nonprofit Quarterly

Philanthropy's Misguided Ideas for Fixing Ghetto Poverty: The Limits of Free …The Nonprofit QuarterlyIn her investigations into the causes of blindness she discovered that the poor were more likely than the rich to be blind, and she soon connected the mistreatment of the blind to the oppression of workers, women, and other groups, leading her to …

Detention (spanking one-shot)

I sat outside the classroom for the 3rd time this week. My younger sister Deana had got detention yet once again and I was beyond mad. She had promised me that she would at least try to behave but no. She had to through something across the room and then when the teacher asks her about it she cusses at her. I dont know what is going through that girls head but I swear that when im done with her she will never get detention again. An hour later she was finally allowed out. She walked out but stopped when she saw me. I walked over and grabbed her by the arm, spun her around and landed 2 hard smacks to her backside after making sure no one was around.

OW Natasha im sorry, she mumbled and I looked at her.

You are going to be even sorrier when we get home, young lady. I replied as I dragged her by to the car and threw her in. I got in the other side and chucked my bag over the back and drove off. I drove us home and pulled up the drive way and into the garage. I parked next to our older brothers Lamborghini and got out. I turned and looked at Deana

Go to your room and start your homework, I will be up soon I told her and she went on her way. I walked in and chucked my bag on the counter and found Michael making dinner.

What did she do now? He asked.

Detention again, I answered and he sighed.

Do you want me to deal with her? He asked and I shook my head.

No I have to do this Michael, I told him.

Ok well if you need anything give me a shout, he said and I nodded as I ventured off towards my little sisters room. Our parents left us when I was 12, Michael was 17 and Deana was 7, so Michael as soon as he turned 18 became our guardian and we have lived with him every since. I turned the handle and walked into her room and sat on the bed. Deana turned and looked at me and I pointed to the ground in front of me. She walked over and I grabbed her hand pulling her over my knee.

Deana POV


I told you this would happen if you got detention again Deana, She lectured as she continued to turn my backside red.

OW!!! Tasha im sorry, please stop, I whined but it had no affect. She just flipped up my skirt and continued.

I dont know what has gotten into you, but it stops now. The disrespect, the mouthing off and the throwing things. It all stops NOW, she lectured as I began to cry. I felt her stop and went to push myself up but she pushed me back down and landed an extremely hard smack to my thighs.

OW!!!!!!!!!! Natasha, stop please im sorry, I pleaded.


Are you going to start trying harder at school, and lose the attitude? She asked and I nodded.


What was that Deana? She asked again.

Yes I will I promise, I sobbed, I felt the pressure lessen and the smacks come slower.

Good, Michael and I are getting sick of this attitude, Ok. Now you better behave because next time its Michael and the belt. Understand, she said and I shivered. I hated the belt and I hated when Michael spanked me because he was always harder on me.

Yes, im sorry, I sobbed. I felt her pull me onto her lap and I shifted till I was comfortable.

Im sorry, I cried into her chest as she rubbed my back.

Its over now sweetie, calm down she soothed and I took a deep breath and calmed down my breathing. We sat like that for a few more minutes when there was a knock at the door and Michael come in. He held out his arms and I walked over and gave him a hug.

Im sorry, I mumbled into his shoulder. I felt a sharp smack to my bottom and I looked up at him.

If you dont start acting your age, you will be in so much trouble. Understand? He said sternly and I nodded.

Yes, sir,

Good girl, well dinner is ready and I made your favourite, he said and I smiled.

Council agrees to set up group to help protect Trent Park mansion – This is Local London

This is Local LondonCouncil agrees to set up group to help protect Trent Park mansionThis is Local LondonAn amendment to the proposal was circulated which looks to set up a working group with equal representation from both political parties along and also stated: “the council will look for a positive future for the heritage assets at the site that will …and more »…

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