# What is Airdrop List Used In Smart Chain?

The usage of “airdrop lists” in smart chains is discussed in this article. Giving bitcoin to users who took part in the original token distribution through airdrops is one approach to reward them. Users that signed up for a service in advance or took part in the token distribution can get rewards through airdrops. – A decentralized node network called Pocket Network is offering its members access to an airdrop list for a strategic private sale. The development fund will give money to C2 Ventures and Rocktree Capital, according to Capital CEO Omer Ozden of Ozden Insights and Rocktree. According to a press statement issued on Thursday by Republic Capital and its CEO Omer Ozden, the decentralized node network of Pocket Network will experience “exceptional growth”. Depending on their degree of participation, the Airdrop List categories may be used to reward early adopters by giving them access to exclusive services or tokens.

Thousands of blockchain nodes are hosted by the network known as sale.finance, which aids in the decentralization of web3 apps and blockchain activities. The network assists projects in charging for their services by distributing retroactive airdrops to users.

Users who participate in airdrops—in which they are rewarded for completing certain tasks—can use their tokens to participate. For its airdrop service, the Zigzaga platform employs its own native coin, enabling users to use airdrops to get incentives. To reward token holders, users can send airdrops from their wallets. Zigzaga rewards platform users and early adopters while also enabling its members to establish their own native tokens and conduct transactions with them.

As a result, Airdrop List is a fantastic tool for cryptocurrency owners to get passive revenue from their holdings. Holders of VKalm can utilize the Airdrop List to receive free money from airdrops, and when they stake their Kalmars, they can use the reserved amount that surpasses 10% of their holdings to exceed the total of their existing Kalmar reserves. Users must fulfill specific requirements, such as holding a certain quantity of tokens in their wallets, in order to be eligible for airdrops. This makes it a great option for those on tight budgets to make money from their spare time by staking and collecting incentives on top of the tokens they currently own.

To distribute files between Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices, an airdrop list is utilized in smart chains. To choose “Airdrop” from the sharing permissions options, all you have to do is hit the “Share” icon when viewing a file. The next step is to select the device to which you wish to deliver the file and configure one of many Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.

You only need to touch the Share button after tapping the Airdrop symbol on an iPad or iPhone. A list of nearby Airdrop-capable devices will appear as a result. When you choose the recipient device, your file will show up on that device. Use of Airdrop is also available to Mac users. Simply search for a Discord or Limbo-like appearance; an arrow pointing out of a box will show up next to your program icons.



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