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Community Health Workers and Rapid Response Teams in Mukdahan

After Arab Spring, Surveillance in Egypt Intensifies – The Intercept – First Look Media

The Intercept – First Look MediaAfter Arab Spring, Surveillance in Egypt IntensifiesThe Intercept – First Look MediaWhen it became clear that this was the best way to obtain operating permits and expand business, “mobile companies started to offer up information and strategies [to the government] for tracking users,” Raoof says. … The Egyptian government turned to …

DIE Conference: Ben Wagner

Human rights left out of sight in UK's new surveillance guidelines – Access (blog)

Access (blog)Human rights left out of sight in UK's new surveillance guidelinesAccess (blog)… Software without a user's permission. A recently revealed target of this type of action was the multinational company Gemalto, a Netherlands-based company that makes SIM cards found in millions of mobile phones around the world. It seems the GCHQ …

CIA tried to hack into iPhone, iPad for years, say leaked documents

The spy agency has been trying to decrypt and hack its way into Apple's firmware to enable spies to steal passwords and plant surveillance software, according to The Intercept.


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