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Corktown residents have crime worries – Detroit Free Press

Detroit Free PressCorktown residents have crime worriesDetroit Free PressCorktown residents and business owners gathered Monday evening to hear more about new safety measures Detroit Police have rolled out in response to a recent rash of car thefts and larcenies in the area. Detroit Police Capt. Aric Tosqui … We think it …and more »

Spy Car

Video uploaded from my mobile phone.

Don't be fooled because it is ostentatious; it was built that way so you'd think – "Well, I'm not sure what the damn thing is but whatever'n'hell it is it definitely ain't the car of a spy."

I spoke with the driver whose wan melon face was gashed by a crooked smile; he had secretive eyes that sparked with flashes of delusion.

Every single thing about the encounter was an apt metaphor for America; the constant loud background noise and the garish gimcrack machine operated by an obviously disordered man.


First responders test future public safety net – GCN.com

GCN.comFirst responders test future public safety netGCN.comWhen a vehicle turned up where it shouldn't have during a ski competition in Colorado in February, new mobile broadband technology made the difference between a scramble by police to locate the vehicle and a quick, more targeted search from first …

Mini army drones developed

A Polish firm who develop new technologies for the military has devised a system of miniature drones capable of operating from vehicles for surveillance and even directly supporting infantry units. WB electronics, which already manufactures surveillance and target acquisition systems for the Polish army, teamed up with another firm, Optimum, to develop drones with camera systems capable of …


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