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Patients face paperwork hurdles to get cannabis – Evanston Now

Evanston NowPatients face paperwork hurdles to get cannabisEvanston NowExecutives of Pharmacannis, the medical marijuana company scheduled to open a dispensary in downtown Evanston later this month, told residents at a community meeting Wednesday night that there's a lot of paperwork for patients who hope to get cannabis …and more »

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Guards report for night-shift duty

Bo Dietl responds to Doug Poppa – Baltimore Post-Examiner

Baltimore Post-ExaminerBo Dietl responds to Doug PoppaBaltimore Post-ExaminerI'm sorry that you were a hotel security guard for so many years and NEVER dealt with real criminals. I really think …. My life was no more or less dangerous when I was working undercover as was his when he was doing his job. Dietl, after his ……

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