Security Guards In Schools

Antiguas instalaciones de la ETEA en Vigo

A man holding a bullet casing. — AFP/File –

DAWN.comA man holding a bullet casing. — AFP/FileDAWN.comRAWALPINDI: A college student was injured on Thursday when a bullet, accidentally fired by a security guard deployed at a school, hit her. Farah Naz, a third year student at Viqar-un-Nisa College for Women was leaving the college when she was hit by …and more »

G Data MobileSecurity 2 – English

Smartphones in particular are exposed to numerous threats, which can lead to personal data, such as access passwords, falling into the wrong hands. The damage caused, for example, if criminals get access to your bank account, can easily reach dizzying heights. Effectively protect your Android smartphone and all the information and data on it with G Data MobileSecurity version 2.


Protection while surfing. G Data Mobile Security version 2 protects you against phishing attempts when surfing.
Protection against dangerous apps. The app check verifies the permissions of apps and categorises them.
Protection against Android viruses. G Data MobileSecurity version 2 provides maximum protection thanks to regular updates. Files and archives can also be scanned manually.
Protection if the device is lost or stolen. If a user loses his or her smartphone, MobileSecurity version 2 lets him or her locate the device with Google Maps, use an audio alarm to find it or delete the contents by SMS.
Lock if SIM card is changed. It is possible to forbid the use of a different SIM card. In addition, the user is informed of the change of card by SMS.
Protected contacts. Using protected contacts puts these, and the corresponding calls and messages, into a protected area that only you can access via a password.

With great power

After 25 years, officers pulled from Modesto campus patrol

As of last week, school resource officers are no longer patrolling campuses at Modesto schools.

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