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Teachers get gun training after Peshawar massacre –

DAWN.comTeachers get gun training after Peshawar massacreDAWN.comPESHAWAR: Teachers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province are being given firearms training and will be allowed to take guns into the classroom in a bid to strengthen security following a Taliban massacre at a school last month. Heavily armed militants killed …

Security + 2012 Certification Overview And Course

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Orlando security-guard instructor faces trial in gun-licensing scam – Orlando Sentinel

Orlando SentinelOrlando security-guard instructor faces trial in gun-licensing scamOrlando SentinelNow the Orlando businessman is facing up to 255 years in prison if convicted on 51 felony charges related to selling forged training and firearms certificates so unqualified security guards could carry guns in malls, schools and other public places …

Europe Plans New Laws To Combat Terrorism (newsy-allvideos)

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The mood in Europe is drawing plenty of comparisons to the response in the U.S. In the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.
Just as America launched its "war on terror," France and its neighbors are vowing a crackdown of their own. Here's a look how those countries are responding to the Charlie Hebdo attack.
Last week, France deployed some 10,000 troops to protect sensitive sites, including Jewish schools and synagogues.
And on Friday, new laws took effect allowing the government to ban suspected extremists from leaving the country. (Video via i>TELE)
Belgium, too, is looking fast track anti-terror laws, including one that makes it easier for the government to strip away citizenship for dual nationals. (Video via Euronews)
There is an increased sense of urgency after anti-terror raids in Belgium stopped what authorities said was an "imminent attack." (Video via ODN)
Germany also carried out security sweeps of its own — arresting two people in Berlin. The government is considering a new law making it a crime to even prepare to travel to a terrorist training camp. (Video via Deutsche Welle)
And in the U.K., Prime Minister David Cameron is calling for tech companies to …

Sandy Hook families sue Newtown: Can lawsuit prompt security improvements?

Families of two victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the town of Newtown, Conn., and its board of education, alleging security measures at the school weren't adequate.

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