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Rural school children, San Augustine County, Texas  (LOC)

Thailand's Culture of Impunity – The Diplomat

The DiplomatThailand's Culture of ImpunityThe DiplomatSecurity officials have long enjoyed impunity for violent crimes, often committed in the name of protecting the nation and the monarchy, and the war on drugs is merely an egregious example of this. In Thailand, might is right – the rich and powerful …

[Grand Grocery Co.], Lincoln, Neb.  (LOC)

Why hopes are high for Pope Francis's visit to the Philippines

In the weeks leading up to Pope Francis’s five-day visit to the Philippines, the atmosphere has been festive, almost frenzied. An original musical, loosely based on Pope Francis’ life and whose cast includes real Filipino priests, has been running since December. Special forces usually assigned to Philippine president Benigno Aquino III have been tasked to protect the pope, the same report said …

McConnell's Sergeant-at-Arms Team's Time Together Goes Way Back (Audio) – Roll Call (blog)

Roll Call (blog)McConnell's Sergeant-at-Arms Team's Time Together Goes Way Back (Audio)Roll Call (blog)“He's got all the T-shirts from up here,” Larkin joked in his first week as the Senate's 40th Sergeant-at-Arms. “There's not a place that we go in this building that he doesn't know somebody, so that's a great asset to have.” The team assembled by …and more »


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