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Royal Couple Visits Spouses, Veterans at Job Fair

Let's not place our soldiers on a pedestal – Kankakee Daily Journal

Let's not place our soldiers on a pedestalKankakee Daily JournalRecently, I had a military spouse grow irate with my cashier because we didn't offer a discount to military family members. Unfortunately, this is not the first time this has happened. I guess I could stop offering … I'm all for easing up on thanking …and more »

Wife on tape: Hiring hit-man â easierâ than divorce

A Michigan mother was caught on tape offering to pay an undercover police officer to kill her husband.“As terrible as it sounds, it’s easier than divorcing him,” Julia Merfeld explained in the secretly-recorded video.“Just make it painless. I don’t want him to feel anything,” she said. For more information please visit Http://www.hlntv.com/

'Hiring Our Heroes' Job Fair - 4-17-13

Homecoming day celebration starts with preparation – Jacksonville Daily News

Jacksonville Daily NewsHomecoming day celebration starts with preparationJacksonville Daily NewsTricia Ross, a Navy wife, describes it as “like Christmas and my husband is Santa.” “I start home coming prep just a few weeks … And our children, simple and personal is our tradition.” Some families hire photographers to take pictures of the special …

Drew Peterson back in court on charges of plotting to kill prosecutor

The former suburban Chicago police officer convicted of killing his third wife and suspected in his fourth spouse's disappearance returns to court Tuesday on charges of trying to hire someone to kill the prosecutor who helped put him in state prison.


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