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Yodobashi Camera: Square

Panasonic introduces new i-PRO ULTRA 360 panoramic cameras – SourceSecurity.com

Panasonic introduces new i-PRO ULTRA 360 panoramic camerasSourceSecurity.comThese new analytics capabilities are ideal for generating insight into floor behaviour in retail environments, ultimately helping to improve customer service and in-store marketing as well as enhance loss prevention efforts. The ULTRA 360 cameras' on …and more »

Paranormal Anomalies Captured by Video Surveillance – #1

Manager's office at Plastics Factory.
Dark room with hidden infrared camera placed to catch suspected illegal computer access.

Hundreds of thousands of security cameras are placed in homes, warehouses, stores, offices, hotels, factories, or anywhere the possibility of criminal misconduct exists. Could some of these same cameras record and archive Supernatural Occurances, Ghosts, Poltergiests, or other unexplainable phenomena? I am now convinced that they can and on rare occassions do record paranormal activity.

I wasn't a believer until a close friend of over 25 years recently changed my mind by sharing video clips of unexplainable and sometimes sensational occurances caught on security cameras. He is the owner of a security company which installs and maintains security systems and surveillance cameras. He has reviewed hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of surveillance video for clients, and over the past 30 years has amassed a collection of other worldly occurances caught on camera. Recently sharing this with me, I naturally wanted others to see these phenomenal recordings. I asked that I be allowed to place them on my YouTube channel, and he agreed with the stipulation that he, his company, and clients all remain anonymous.

All of this footage was recorded in Ohio. Most of the footage is shot in near or complete darkness with infrared cameras. Quality varies greatly as technology continues to improve. Please note that while some subtle anomalies may be lost in the YouTube rendering process, all of the clips were taken from RAW, UNALTERED AVI files. I hope you find this as intriguing as I do.

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: SR-71 Blackbird (starboard profile)

Criminals ransack & burglarize 4 churches, grocery store along Highway 24

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – Four churches and a grocery store along Highway 24 are picking up the pieces from an early this morning crime spree. The worst damage was at the last target, Faith Tabernacle Church. “Looks like they’ve even spooned some chili out of there,” said Pastor Anthony Simmons of Faith Tabernacle Church, […]

Getting the Most Out of Apple iOS 8 – New York Times

New York TimesGetting the Most Out of Apple iOS 8New York TimesEVERY new mobile operating system needs a little time to settle in. But now that Apple's iOS 8 has been out about four months — long enough to fix some bugs in iOS 8.1 — we have had some time to get used to its new features. Whether you are still …10 Reasons to Jailbreak the iPhone 6Gotta Be Mobileall 99 news articles »


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