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Polaroid Automatic 210

Smart phone, smarter car – CNET

CNETSmart phone, smarter carCNETThose latter two systems have been greatly anticipated by those who like their smartphone features, but may be already coming late to the game. Talking with Ricky Hudi, Audi's chief executive engineer electrics/electronics, I asked him if he felt we …and more »

Xiaomi Mi Note is a high spec phablet for just £244 (rss1.mediafed)

Remember Xiaomi? Despite not being hugely well known in Britain and the west, the company is one of the largest phone manufacturers in the world. The Chinese firm has today announced a new high-end up for – and appears to be gunning directly for the iPhone 6 Plus. The Mi Note sports a full 1080p HD 5.7″ screen, a fast …
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Sumvision Tutis CCTV 4 Channel DVR Recorder System with 4 …

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The Sumvision Tutis 4 Channel DVR CCTV Camera system is a great way to look after your prized property. Using 4 high definition cameras using the latest H.264 compression methods, you're sure to capture what you need in outstanding clarity!

The DVR unit supports all 3.5 inch SATA Desktop hard drives, making it not only easy to fit but also extremely affordable so you always have enough disc space to record and playback footage.

With a full 16 bit colour interface, the camera system is intuative and easy to use making it perfect even if you dont know too much about technology! Additionally, unlike most DVR units, the Tutis allows for backup via a USB pen drive or external hard drive as well as being able to playback footage over the internet or straight to your smartphone!


Optimised four channel real time D1 recording and playback
Utilises H.264 compression to save storage space. By Utilising H.264 video compression all surveillance footage uses less hard drive space whilst preserving the quality of the recording.
Supports 3.5" SATA hard drive
Special file system for increased security
16bit colour user friendly interface
Network access supports live monitoring / parameter setting and backup
Supports live monitoring through your smart phone
Two layer user management
Supplied with 4 CCD cameras
Fast USB data backup
Full PTZ control.

Houma Police chief addresses camera concerns

Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis appeared before the Parish Council this week to ease concerns over proposed in-car camera systems for officers.

Microsoft Proposes Using Kinect To Recognize Shoppers In Stores – Businessinsider India

Microsoft Proposes Using Kinect To Recognize Shoppers In StoresBusinessinsider IndiaIt would be even more interesting if Microsoft could let various Kinect systems "communicate" with one another. So if you already own a Kinect in your home, as part of the Xbox console, you have already built up a "profile" of games, movies, music, and …and more »


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