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Love: Stefania Veneziale & Michael Demarco –

Philly.comLove: Stefania Veneziale & Michael DemarcoPhilly.comStefania arrived at Fred's hospital room with a pan of hot lasagna, her homemade show of support for her friend and his family. Fred's dad, Dennis, savored a forkful that inspired a question: "Oh my goodness, are you single?" Fred, who had been …and more »

Fancy Style Classic Cathedral Style Wedding Ring Guard, By …

Frank Zappa's Widow Gail Zappa Dead at 70 –

RollingStone.comFrank Zappa's Widow Gail Zappa Dead at 70RollingStone.comFrank recounted the ceremony comically in the book, stating that Gail was nine months pregnant at the time, and that he didn't have a wedding ring and that she still didn't have a wedding ring at the time he wrote the book, which came out in 1989. The …and more »…

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