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The threat our SAS troops face – NEWS.com.au

NEWS.com.auThe threat our SAS troops faceNEWS.com.auThe sale would reap a $160 million windfall that would be ploughed into rebuilding the married quarters on smaller blocks, but according to SAS Association vice chairman and former SAS Major Andrew Leahy a Parliamentary Report had already ruled out …and more »

Getting Your Burmese (Myanmar) Visa in Bangkok, Thailand

An American in Thailand – Http://www.anamericaninbangkok.com

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As an expat living in Thailand since 1996, Scott Mallon has worked as a photojournalist for the past twelve years, been inside both Bang Kwang and Klong Prem Prisons (as a journalist), lost months at a time partying the days and nights away, been hospitalized several times, been near death once, fought in Muay Thai, managed a world-rated championship boxer, trained professional boxers, been thrown in jail, and fathered two children. Somehow, through it all, he's managed to remain married to the same Thai woman.

You'll get the good, the bad, and the ugly from someone who has lived here – really lived. No touristy fluff, no backpacker BS, no illusions of grandeur, only the truth as An American in Bangkok sees it.

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APT's new 'core' members in roles from 'Othello' to 'Streetcar' – Madison.com

Madison.comAPT's new 'core' members in roles from 'Othello' to 'Streetcar'Madison.com“Our ticket sales are fantastic. We're having an incredible pre-season sale,” DeVita said in an interview in mid-March. “If I could, I would bottle it and keep it on the shelf and then sell it to other companies.” Grounded in productions of Shakespeare …

Earl's first wife rages over £10m castle sale to Prince Charles (but his third wife says it's terrific!)

The 10th Earl, Peregrine, is in negotiations to sell Port Eliot House to Prince Charles, but Lady Jacquetta Eliot is apparently furious, writes SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE.


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