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West Point cadets at U.S. Army Africa, 07-2010

Five decisions Hillary can't duck – The Hill

The HillFive decisions Hillary can't duckThe HillGroups opposed to free-trade policies ever since have argued that NAFTA and the agreements that followed it have sent manufacturing jobs overseas. As secretary of State, Clinton backed free-trade policies, but she hasn't weighed in on Obama's request …and more »

'The election of Obama would, at a stroke, refresh our country's spirit'

Senior Developer – Poynter.org

Senior DeveloperPoynter.orgEXTERNAL: The Senior Developer has regular contact with other lead developers, journalists and Chief Technology Officers around the country and, to a lesser extent, overseas. POSITION SPECIFICATIONS. KNOWLEDGE … Knowledge of open systems object …

Fox Can't Decide If Obama Is Distracting Voters From The Economy, National Security, Or Basically Everything (Mediamatters)

Ahead of President Obama's sixth State of the Union address, Fox News speculated that the president will boast about the nation's improving economy as a way to distract Americans from global unrest. However, pundits on the same network – even the same show – have repeatedly accused Obama of ignoring the economy and distracting voters with topics like national security and the minimum wage.
On the January 20 edition of _Happening Now_, Fox's White House correspondent Ed Henry reported that Obama would focus a large part of his 2015 State of the Union speech on the rebounding U.S. Economy, which has recently logged strong jobs growth and improving public sentiment. But Henry suggested the real reason behind Obama's optimistic economic note is to distract voters from upheaval overseas, especially in Yemen:
> HENRY: Remember, it was only a few months ago that the president and his aides were holding up Yemen as a success story on his counter-terror efforts. That has fallen apart, as has the president's claim that al-Qaeda is on the run, so they want to talk a lot more about the economy. Not so much on national security.
In contrast, Fox hosts previously accused …

Fairfax County EDA in 2014 worked with 189 businesses adding more than 6,800 jobs to the local economy

In 2014, the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority worked with 189 businesses adding more than 6,800 jobs to the Fairfax County economy. Companies in the profession.


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