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Paladin Security Toronto reviews

Category: Security Guard Service

Address: 425 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1T6
Phone:(416) 916-6767

Open today · 8:30AM–5PM

Tanveer Dosanjh

“Good company. Takes good care of employees but low wage”

David Ferreira

great company to have worked for and gather great experiences

Shameless Maya

Had to take my mom to the emergency. Waited a few hours by her side and decided to take a pic of her to send to my brother so he knew how she was doing. The nurse calls security on me despite me deleting the image that has no photo of anyone but my mom. I showed the guard my phone in which case he took my phone from me and the other guard swatted my arm. Poor customer service in front of my mom on the hospital bed. Happy Holidays..

Geoffrey Macdonald

I’ve worked for Paladin for over 6 years in various capacities. And have discovered that it’s the easiest company to grow in. Not only are the opportunities there, but you’re given the tools and encouraged to use them. Paladin really sees the mutual benefit to promotion within and is steering the industry into a whole new direction. I really feel like an integral part of the company and that I am in control of my own potential!

Security Management Services Reviews

Category: Security Guard Service

Address: 1574 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1G1
Phone:(416) 360-1902
Hours: Open today · 9AM–5PM


Falls short! “Poor Management” = “”Poor Client Service Management””
As Security Officials where the uniform that they where is who they represent.
If they do not care about good customer service, that is a reflection of the Company.


Stadt Security Inc. Reviews

Category: Security Guard Service

Address: 151 Yonge St #1100, Toronto, ON M5C 2W7
Phone:+1 800-377-1324
Hours: Open today · 9AM–5PM

Aaron Miller

I have used their services this year on several occasions for watching contractors on commercial properties. Really happy with the level of customer service and pricing. Their staff knows what they are doing, are polite and on time, even on last minute basis. I highly recommend this security company.

Jason S.

Exceptional level of commercial security combined with a great customer service experience. Highly recommended.

deep sutaria

Awesome Securiy Company. I love it!!