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The 7 Greatest Trick Plays in Sports Movie History – TIME

TIMEThe 7 Greatest Trick Plays in Sports Movie HistoryTIMEEveryone on the field is in on it, from the pitcher to the infielders, to the guys in the bullpen all the way on down to the security guard. After Bowers, the pitcher, attempts one pickoff at first base, Junior declares that he plans to steal “second …

On The Clock (Andrew Sullivan)

Bourree Lam flags new findings on the impact of clocks in the workplace: The research of Tamar Avnet and Anne-Laure Sellier focuses on the differences between organizing one’s time by “clock time” vs. “task time.” Clock-timers organize their day by blocks of minutes and hours. For example: a meeting from 9 a.m. To 10 a.m., […]

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