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Guard Dog Security

What’s a good guard dog?

A good guard dog could be anything from a German Sheppard, to a Doberman Retriever, or even a Black Lab. Essentially you want a dog that you can easily control, but also a dog that can be territorial about your property.

Raising Guard Dogs

Since the guard dogs are potentially dangerous animals, they need special training. The races are the best guard dogs have a very strong instinct for preservation which makes them likely to attack if they feel the cause.

At best, you want an animal that you can easily control but defending your title as its territory.

Start at the start by buying a puppy from a breeder with a good reputation. Females and males can both be trained to make good watchdogs. You will need to socialize the dog early on, both with other dogs and other people.

Apart from the security sensors mentioned above, it would help to have in place a close circuit television system as a back up. This is really important because it can make the difference between security and insecurity. This can be done by having security companies offer alarm monitoring service.