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How to Remember People's Names – New York Times

How to Remember People's NamesNew York Times“Sometimes I see a guest I have not seen for years, and right away I know their name,” says Pun, chief concierge at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong. “I exercise … Pun and the other concierges circulate photographs and notes on pronunciation. For the …

The Cabaret Beat – The New Yorker

The New YorkerThe Cabaret BeatThe New YorkerLater, you learn that those all can serve as positive attributes in the right circumstances. I now see that what chimed with me, beneath the essay's apparently rarefied subject matter, was the anger. … The unusual spelling of her first name, combined …and more »

The question is whether he’s a murderer': Security guard could face charges for McDonald’s shooting

'There's no doubt that he's a killer,' criminal lawyer David Butt says of the security guard who shot the men. 'The question is whether he's a murderer.'…

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