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Sea Change: No idle habit is a win-win-win – Press Herald

Sea Change: No idle habit is a win-win-winPress HeraldBusinesses refer to the “triple bottom line” when choosing options that simultaneously enhance people, profits and planet. Supporting all … Especially this time of year, people often let vehicles idle when starting up or when they are stopped for …and more »

Image from page 466 of "Between the ocean and the lakes; the story of Erie" (1901)

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Is sharing economy a new trend? Not really. It is as old as car pooling and time-sharing. However, changing lifestyles and modern technology have pushed the concept of sharing economy to an ultra new social boulevard.

Why Antonio Villaraigosa Should Run for US Senate – Calbuzz

CalbuzzWhy Antonio Villaraigosa Should Run for US SenateCalbuzzLooked at another way, he could position himself as a grown-up Feinstein type and let Harris run as a Fight, Fight, Fight Boxer clone. Of course, Harris is the attorney general and a lot of potential corporate Democrats with business before the state …and more »


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