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Improving Cyber Security In 2015: Weil – ValueWalk

ValueWalkImproving Cyber Security In 2015: WeilValueWalk2014 was a sobering year from the perspective of cyber security. While nobody thought that the problem of cyber security was “solved” when the year began, most analysts believed that almost all large firms had reasonably robust IT security in place. By …and more »

Construction & Sales Positions Available At Miami Lakes Job Fair (CBS 4 Florida)

Two dozen companies will be looking fill more than 2,000 positions at a job fair in Miami Lakes on Wednesday.

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UK Payment Security Leaders Unite in London to End Data Breach Slaughter

LONDON, Jan. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — According to a study published in October 2014, over the last ten years 227 million personal records belonging to Europeans have been lost, in over 200 data breach cases. To combat this threat, leaders from across the European security and payment industry will convene this week in London for the inaugural PCI London event for 2015. The event will focus …

Three likely outcomes of Obama's visit to India – Aljazeera.com

Aljazeera.comThree likely outcomes of Obama's visit to IndiaAljazeera.comBasically means that the post-cold war situation has been re-ordered and crystallised, and given the emerging rivalry between America and China, the US has decided that India is a crucial swing state that needs to be cultivated as a close security and …and more »


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