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Amazon WorkSpaces now available in Singapore – Networks Asia

Networks AsiaAmazon WorkSpaces now available in SingaporeNetworks AsiaFor employees working at off-site locations, such as home-based employees, Amazon WorkSpaces enables you to provide access to the applications users need without storing your data locally to improve the security of your corporate data. If you have …

Bye Bye Beijing (Beijing Olympics Blog)

The Olympics are over, and most of the athletes have returned home to be paraded in front of adoring crowds. Now it is Bob's turn to do the same (minus the crowds), back in Shanghai again now and the UK tomorrow. However this is not the end of the events in Beijing, or the Beijing […]

Home Electrical Safety

One of the most important safety devices in your home is a simple electrical device called a Residual Current Device (RCD), Estimates indicate that the installation of RCD's and Ground Fault Interrupters (GFCI) in the USA, have saved hundreds of lives and prevented thousands of injuries in the UK,and US in the past 30 years.

RCD'S or GFCIs are designed to provide protection against electrical shock from ground faults, or leakage currents, which occur when the electrical current flows outside of the circuit conductors. If a person becomes part of a path for leakage current, he or she will be severely shocked or electrocuted.

If GFCIs and RCDs were installed in every U.S. And UK homes, experts suggest that nearly 70 percent of the approximately 450 electrocutions that occur each year in the home could be prevented.

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Guarding Pope a Test in Nation Where Plots Mar Papal Visits

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Sydney have prompted Philippine authorities to beef up security for Pope Francis, who arrives in Asia's most-Catholic country today, where he is expected to attract crowds in the millions. The Philippines has good reason to be nervous: Assassination attempts were made on two previous pontiffs in past visits. In 1970, a Bolivian artist tried to stab Pope …

World Cup to showcase both elite and paupers – The Nation

World Cup to showcase both elite and paupersThe NationProteas captain AB de Villiers is the number-one ranked ODI batsman and will arrive at the tournament after displaying dazzling form in a recent home series against the West Indies, including the fastest one-day international century, made off just 31 …and more »


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