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Infantry assault chemical camp at Mountain Warfare Training Center [Image 2 of 27]

McCaul tour visits Mission, touting controversial border bill – Monitor

Valley morning StarMcCaul tour visits Mission, touting controversial border billMonitorMichael McCaul, chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, was in town leading a congressional delegation less than a week after introducing border security legislation trumpeted by House Republicans widely expected to be vetoed by President …Border tour gives Congress a front-line lookGreen Valley NewsHouse Republicans set to pass border security billValley morning Starall 87 news articles »

Debate shaping up about new law to fight terror in Canada (Ottawa Citzen)

When Ottawa residents Carlos and Ashton Larmond were arrested and charged with terrorism offences, they joined a small and select group.
Only 17 people have been convicted of terrorism and related offences in Canada since 2001. Five others, not including the Larmonds, await trial in three separate cases. In July, a sixth Canadian was charged with taking up arms in Syria and has not returned to Canada.
Carlos Larmond became only the second person charged under the 2013 Combatting Terrorism Act for attempting to travel overseas for the purpose of terrorism. The other person, Hasibullah Yusufzai, a 25-year-old Vancouver man, was charged by the RCMP in July with leaving the country to join up with Syrian jihadists.
Larmond’s twin, Ashton, 24, is charged with facilitating a terrorist activity, participating in the activity of a terrorist group, and instructing to carry out an activity for a terrorist group.
Conservative Senator Dan Lang, chair of the Senate’s national security and defence committee, and other politicians are demanding to know why the numbers are so relatively low compared with the United States and Britain.
Police last fall said that about 80 radicalized Canadians had returned home from fighting with, or working to support, the Islamic State (ISIL) …

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Prison social worker says she sacrificed her career to marry violent killer she met while working in Saughton jail

LYNNE Stevens new husband Robert Eadie tortured killed his fellow security guard James Airlie in a hut by Leith docks in 1999.

Air Force UFO files land online – World Magazine

World MagazineAir Force UFO files land onlineWorld MagazineBut until recently, they were only available for viewing on microfilm at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Now, after nearly two decades and thousands of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, 33-year old UFO enthusiast John Greenewald has …and more »


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