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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - Kitgum High School dedicated in honor of Capt. Benjamin Sklaver - United States Army Africa - 091023

Soft targets: School vans, buses remain vulnerable to terror attacks – The Express Tribune

The Express TribuneSoft targets: School vans, buses remain vulnerable to terror attacksThe Express TribuneAccording to the rules, it is mandatory for schools to deploy two security guards on each bus and at least one in each contracted Suzuki van. PHOTO: AFP. PESHAWAR: Security may be heightened at campuses in the city after the Army Public School …

Latest on ferry sinking off Korea's southwestern coast; 9 …

A major rescue operation is continuing off Korea's southwestern coast on this Thursday afternoon more than 24 hours after a Korean passenger ferry carrying 4-hundred-75 people capsized.
NINE people have now been confirmed dead, but 2-hundred-87 others remain unaccounted for.

Most on board the Sewol ferry were teenagers,… High school students heading to Korea's southern Jeju Island for a field trip.
We'll go straight to Connie Kim… Who's standing by at an emergency management center that's been set up to deal with this tragic incident.
Connie… What do we know so far…?

Yes, we unfortunately don't have updates about any additional survivors.
A few hours ago, a press briefing led by minister of security and public administration was held.
The death toll, as you mentioned, has risen to nine in just the past couple of hours.
Three foreigners were also on board.
The ministry says two Filipinos were rescued.
However, the whereabouts of the 18-year-old Russian student are unknown as of now.
Among the 179 that have so far survived, 101 people are currently being treated in eight different hospitals, with five in critical condition.
Now, there were conflicting numbers yesterday about the total number of people on board the ship when it went down.
That number has now been fixed at 475.

A lot of confusion here… But one thing is for sure… The whole nation wants everyone to be safe and sound… The search-and-rescue efforts continue. This is a massive operation. Tell us JUST how large it is.

According to securities minister, there are 555 scuba divers on the scene, along with 169 ships and 29 aircraft, all actively searching for survivors.
This is a cooperative search being led by the Korean Navy and the Coast Guard,… But they are battling difficult conditions.
Fast tidal currents and low visibility underwater are hampering search efforts.
There are three cranes currently on their ways to Jindo. One departed Wednesday night and all three cranes are expected to arrive by tomorrow.
They'll work in tandem to lift the 68-hundred ton ferry out of the water.

And we're all waiting anxiously for updates from the government. How are government officials helping with the search?

Prime Minister Chung Hong-won held a cabinet meeting this morning, calling for all related ministries to do all they can to speed up rescue operations.
The security ministry is covering any and all finances associated with the search at the accident site, the oceans ministry will cover other expenses, including compensating the victims' families, and supporting with bringing up the capsized vessel.
The Coast Guard will continue to investigate the inside of the ferry, and establish an investigation task force.
The Presidential Office of Cheongwa Dae has canceled all scheduled meetings this morning.

We will of course continue to monitor the developments in the search-and-rescue efforts,… While continuing to hope for the very best in this very difficult time.
Connie Kim, reporting live from the emergency disaster center in Seoul.

Citizen Preparedness Corps Training Program, Greenwich Village School, June 5, 2014

Orlando security-guard instructor faces trial in gun-licensing scam – Orlando Sentinel

Orlando SentinelOrlando security-guard instructor faces trial in gun-licensing scamOrlando SentinelNow the Orlando businessman is facing up to 255 years in prison if convicted on 51 felony charges related to selling forged training and firearms certificates so unqualified security guards could carry guns in malls, schools and other public places …

Heightened terror alert across Europe (Debka file)

As terror alert was heightened across Europe Saturday, Belgium mobilized 300 armed troops to guard streets in its cities, including special units outside Jewish schools and government buildings in Brussels and Antwerp.
British police have been put on the highest level of alert against plots like those uncovered in Belgium to murder officers.
Friday, an 18-year old British girl of Kurdish origin, Silhan Ozcelik, was arrested at Stansted Airport outside London on her return from a four-month stay in Syria. British security authorities suspect her of links with terrorist organizations, but her family who lives in North London say she was a humanitarian aid worker.

Security guard named Orange schools Support Person of the Year

Mark Nelson, a security guard at an Orange County alternative school, was named 2015 Support Person of the Year on Wednesday night. The announcement was made at a red-carpet celebration of the often-unheralded staffers that make schools run smoothly.

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