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WFTV uncovers security guards working with bogus certificates – WFTV Orlando

WFTV uncovers security guards working with bogus certificatesWFTV OrlandoSome security officers licensed in Florida have been working in high-profile locations without getting the proper training, Channel 9 discovered. "We've found people at airports and at seaports and at jails. So, it pretty much runs the gamut of where …

Will New Free Certificate Authority Help Or Hinder Online Security? (Techdirt)

A couple of weeks ago, Techdirt wrote about Let's Encrypt, an interesting new project from the EFF, Mozilla and others to set up a free certificate authority (CA) that will allow anyone running a website to offer encrypted connections. That sounds like a great idea, since it will make snooping on web traffic much harder. But a post (on LinkedIn, unfortunately) by Alexander Hanff, Chief Privacy Officer at Connect In Private, wonders if it might actually make things worse. Here's why: _
> Creating a new Super Certificate Authority is the equivalent of painting a huge red target onto the backs of all the people who use it.

Let's not mix our words here, it will become a target — that much is completely indisputable, it would be utterly naive to believe the US Government will not target this new CA with court orders. What's more, given the historical evidence, there is a strong chance that such orders will be for "super master keys" allowing them to pretend to be whomever they like [for man-in-the-middle attacks] and it will be done under the guise of National Security because of course a CA which provides free …



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