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SFI Forest Management Standards Updated – Environmental Leader

SFI Forest Management Standards UpdatedEnvironmental LeaderThe SFI 2015-2019 Forest Management Standard promotes sustainable forestry practices based on 13 principles, 15 objectives, 37 performance measures and 101 indicators. These requirements include measures to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife …and more »

The Savvy Plan to Combat Malaria With Mobile Phones – Wired

WiredThe Savvy Plan to Combat Malaria With Mobile PhonesWiredMartin Edlund likes to say that malaria may one day be the first disease beaten by mobile phones. Yes, he happens to be the CEO of the non-profit Malaria No More, so he has to say stuff like that. But no, it's not a total pipedream. Africa, where …and more »

Why 'Have a blessed day' greeting rattled the Air Force

When some airmen complained, gate guards at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia were told to stop saying 'Have a blessed day.' A minor uproar caused the Air Force to again allow the greeting.


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