Spiritual Meaning of Words

Hand and Arm of the Buddha, Mudra Calling the Earth to Witness, Tharlam Monastery, Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal

Salt Cathedral Crafts Brilliant Electropop With a Wandering Soul – Village Voice

Village VoiceSalt Cathedral Crafts Brilliant Electropop With a Wandering SoulVillage Voice“I'm a holy soul in a foreign land.” Hovering over a minimal, bassy synth track, the flutelike voice of Salt Cathedral's Juliana Ronderos flickers at a low burn. “We won't let our hearts forget this time,” she sings, the delicate musical armature …

Butterfly Friend-(Spiritual Metamorphosis.)

gottfried böhm, architect: maria königin des friedens pilgrimage church, neviges, germany 1963-1972

Dear You of Today: – PQ Monthly

PQ MonthlyDear You of Today:PQ MonthlyI have tried to steal a moment from each by being still long enough to observe and extract the essence of the experience, and its meaning. It's those moments I have opened my … This brings me to the 4 letter word that I rarely use. That word is hate …


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