The Gordin Cell with Ran Danker in the best suspense series Israeli spy thriller

The Gordin Cell with Ran Danker in the best suspense series Israeli spy thriller

The Gordin Cell, in image Ran Danker

The Gordin Cell, in image Ran Danker. Photo by Pini Siluk

Neo is expected to be an empty vessel whose superhuman physical and brain powers had actually been implanted in him, not discovered or gotten through training and effort. His use of them is simply practical– mechanical, not logical– and its function is to serve a bigger objective to which he is constantly led (he never ever presumes the lead). Who much better to depict a character who is hollow, passive and doing not have any will of his own than Keanu Reeves?

Season 1

Diana and Mickey Gordin immigrated to Israel from the Soviet Union in the 90s and adjusted in Israel, as they sign up with the upper middle course. Both were hired by the KGB Intelligence Directorate to gather information for the company, however that was a years back.

He requires from them to move under his service their young boy Eyal, an impressive ex-officer of 669 device, which serves now in the workplace of the Israeli Air Force Commander. While they attempt to leave from their past, the Shabak’s Russian Department closes in on them, and Eyal himself has a hard time with the issue of ending up being a traitor of the nation he swore to serve and secure or betraying his household.

Season 2

2 years after the occasions of the previous period, Eyal Gordin is launched prisoner and his moms and dads live in the town in Moscow Oblast in Russia. Eyal released from jail in order to assist the Israeli knowledge to discover his sibling and once more discover himself in a internal problem: whether to betray his household and provide away his sibling to the state authorities?



Main cast Ran Danker as Eyal “Alik” Gordin, an Israeli Air Force officer, who is required to work for the Russian Intelligence.
Elena Yerlova as Diana Gordin, previous spy, Eyal’s mommy.
Slava Bibergal as Mikhail “Miki” Gordin, Eyal’s daddy. previous IAI employee. Passed away in 2nd period.
Neta Riskin as Nati Ganot (Nathalia Gordin), An effective businesswoman, Russian spy and Eyal’s sis.
Mark Ivanir as Yaakov “Yasha” Lundin
Moni Moshonov as Peter Sirkin
Aviv Allouche as Ofir Rider
Hadar Ratzon-Rotem as Keren Falakh
Grandma Nina (Svetlana Narbayeva).
Tom Hagi as Yonatan.
Samuel Calderon as Velvala.


Any individual looking for evidence of its qualifications ought to keep in mind that it has actually currently been remade two times: the U.S. variation, “Allegiance,” airs on NBC next month, while a South Korean adjustment, “Spy,” begins there this month.

Regional stars likewise fill a few of the very best remarkable duties that have actually been seen on our screens recently: Neta Riskin as an unforeseen and pragmatical femme fatale; Aviv Alush entrenching his position as his generation’s alpha male as the young, conflicted Shin Bet representative Ofir Rider; Hadar Ratzon Rotem as a Mizrahi lady in the Mossad, with all the troubles that requires; Yigal Naor, showing why he is regularly welcomed to Hollywood; and Mark Ivanir, continuing in his virtuosic tour-de-force as “Yasha” Lundin from the very first period.

As part of this complex plot, Danker’s Eyal, who understands absolutely nothing of the espionage, is a blank slate, similar to Reeves’ Neo. Both characters are controlled like marionettes, moved hither and thither by forces higher and more powerful than themselves. Danker’s teen-idol functions, looking simply the very same as they did throughout the hit series “Hashir Shelanu” (“Our Song”) a years approximately earlier, allow this scenario to continue unrestricted, its reliability undisputed.

Sometimes like our own, when a series of senior celebration figures who recommended analyzing the commitment of different Israeli residents are being examined on suspicion of having actually robbed the general public treasury, breach of trust and bad management, it is beneficial penetrating the innards of this evasive idea through the treacherous crossways of “The Gordin Cell.”.

This time, as the program’s material infects the political field too, it is not just the commitment of the Gordin household that hangs in the balance, however likewise that of the state’s leaders to its residents.


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