Fall Alarms for the Elderly


My Turn: From frequent flyers to frequent liars – Concord Monitor

Concord MonitorMy Turn: From frequent flyers to frequent liarsConcord MonitorOnly three of the pre-boarders, all clearly quite elderly, arrived in wheelchairs. None of the others demonstrated any obvious disability that affects mobility. … That tale was told last fall in a hilarious and infuriating article by New Yorker …

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Preventing falls in seniors an ongoing effort

A trip on the carpet, a tumble on the stairs or a plunge from a hospital bed — all are common among the nation's seniors, and send millions to the hospital.

Lessen the probability of falls – Burlington Times News

Burlington Times NewsLessen the probability of fallsBurlington Times NewsHowever, one morning last week I had an early doctor's appointment that necessitated setting my alarm. Hearing it, I … I caught myself before falling, but in that split second a myriad of possibilities ran through my mind … what if I had fallen and …


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