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Mrs. Virginia Davis, a riveter in the assembly and repair department of the Naval air base, supervises Chas. Potter, a NYA trainee from Michigan, Corpus Christi, Texas. After eight weeks of training he will go into civil service. Should he be inducted or

Security at Taj Mahal was Secret Service concern: reports – New York Daily News

New York Daily NewsSecurity at Taj Mahal was Secret Service concern: reportsNew York Daily NewsThe Archaeological Survey of India would not allow Obama's armed security inside the cramped mausoleum either, the Times of India reported, suggesting that Indian commandos “were more than equipped,” the paper wrote. Obama is scheduled to land in …and more »

Papa John’s Won’t Fire Gun-Toting Deliverywoman Who Shot a Thief in the Face (nymag)

**Don't mess with Georgia's gun-carrying delivery people.**
A 27-year-old deliverywoman in Atlanta has put Papa John's in a real quandary this week. She told police that when two armed men tried to rob her, she used her own handgun to shoot one of them in the face. There's no evidence her gun was illegal, but the fast-food chain has a clear policy about bringing weaponry into delivery cars. They're not allowed to mingle with the Fritos chili pizzas.
While the delivery worker's mother said she had been nervous about her job security after the incident, the company says that after "considering the specific facts of the situation," she will keep her job, even though it assures everyone its no-gun policy is as firm as ever. The guy who got shot in the face is expected to recover, and the chain offered its worker counseling services as well as a reassigned position, this time someplace inside the store.
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Cameroon says German hostage held by Boko Haram freed

"A special operation led by Cameroonian armed forces along with security services of friendly nations succeeded this night in freeing Nitsch Eberhard Robert, a German citizen abducted in Nigeria in July 2014 by the Boko Haram sect," the presidency said in a statement.

No armed security at polling units – INEC – Daily Trust

No armed security at polling units – INECDaily TrustKwanga, while fielding questions at a meeting of security chiefs and community and religious leaders, said: “In line with international best practice, we don't expect armed security agents at polling units but we expect that there will be armed …and more »


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