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The Next Wave in Office Security – Commercial Observer

The Next Wave in Office SecurityCommercial ObserverLandlords and tenants in other industries can also benefit from security planning. By consulting with architects early on, during the pre-lease negotiations and programming phase, parties can raise important questions, like: Does the building's …

GAO-15-6, Federal Facility Cybersecurity: DHS and GSA Should Address Cyber Risk to Building and Access Control Systems, December 12, 2014 (gao.gov)

What GAO Found The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has taken preliminary steps to begin to understand the cyber risk to building and access controls systems in federal facilities. For example, in 2013, components of DHS's National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) conducted a joint assessment of the physical security and cybersecurity of a federal facility. However, significant work remains. Lack of a strategy: DHS lacks a strategy that: (1) defines the problem, (2) identifies the roles and responsibilities, (3) analyzes the resources needed, and (4) identifies a methodology for assessing this cyber risk. A strategy is a starting point in addressing this risk. The absence of a strategy that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of key components within DHS has contributed to a lack of action within the Department. For example, no one within DHS is assessing or addressing cyber risk to building and access control systems particularly at the nearly 9,000 federal facilities protected by the Federal Protective Service (FPS) as of October 2014. According to an NPPD official, DHS has not developed a strategy, in part, because cyber threats involving these systems are an emerging issue. By not developing a strategy document …

Families begin move into new Army Family Housing - 11 March 2013, Camp Humphreys, South Korea

C.K. Newsome Community Center to receive new security system

The Evansville C.K. Newsome Community Center is getting a new security system after a gang-related shooting.

'Digital locker' startup Package Concierge raises $1.3M – Boston Business Journal (blog)

Boston Business Journal (blog)'Digital locker' startup Package Concierge raises $1.3MBoston Business Journal (blog)… The kiosk, powered by the Windows 8 operating system, contains a security camera. The lockers allow access for delivery services like UPS or FedEx to drop off packages without requiring the assistance of an apartment building's management personnel.


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