Guard Dogs

AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America – U-T San Diego U-T San DiegoAP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin AmericaU-T San DiegoCuban law banning animals from workplaces contains an exemption for guard dogs. This legal cover for the ex-strays was bolstered when a dog at a government office awakened a guard one night by barking […]

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Guard Dog Breeds Top 25

Tell it to the Birds – The New Indian Express The New Indian ExpressTell it to the BirdsThe New Indian ExpressIt was the year 2003. Mohammed Dilawar, a young man from Nashik, intent on pursuing a career in wildlife, was studying for his master's degree in environment and ecology. Around the same time, the vulture […]

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Top 20 Guard Dog Breeds

Born to run: Iditarod veteran in it for the journey – Al Jazeera America Al Jazeera AmericaBorn to run: Iditarod veteran in it for the journeyAl Jazeera AmericaFAIRBANKS, Alaska — On a frigid morning last March, in the small coastal community of Nome, a couple hundred spectators gathered around the famous burled arch at the […]

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10 Guard Dog Breeds

Understanding Breed-Specific Legislation – The Daily Mail The Daily MailUnderstanding Breed-Specific LegislationThe Daily MailOne of the big “hoots” today among knowledgeable animal protection groups, purebred dog breeders and animal lovers alike is the subject of “BSL” — Breed-Specific Legislation. In order to understand the implications of BSL, it's important to define the …and more » Stack […]

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Medium Size Watch Dogs

NBA all-stars harder to define: Feschuk – www.insidebrockville.com/ NBA all-stars harder to define: Feschukwww.insidebrockville.com/Maybe it's simply a mid-season blip, but so far it's no simple task to identify the MVP-worthy individual most responsible for more than one story of team success. Case in point, last month the … It's just a mid-season blip. Maybe the […]

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Top 10 Breeds of Dogs

America's Top Dogs – ChicagoNow (blog) ChicagoNow (blog)America's Top DogsChicagoNow (blog)Back in 1994, the breed stood at No. 5, dipped to No. 8 in 2013, and now stands at No. 7. Poodles are consistently in the AKC top 10. One of the most popular family dogs in the 1970s and 1980s, Boxers unceremoniously dropped below […]

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Top 10 Guard Dog Breeds

Wearable tech goes to the dogs, with connected collars and more – San Jose Mercury News Wearable tech goes to the dogs, with connected collars and moreSan Jose Mercury NewsWearable tech for animals has been around for years: Decades ago, scientists began tracking endangered species with radio-tracking collars, and police and soldiers can attach devices […]

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Best Guard Dogs

Fiction: The Roadrunner – Daily Californian Daily CalifornianFiction: The RoadrunnerDaily CalifornianEveryone then moved lamely to the locker room, where the air-conditioners blasted and posters with cute dogs read, “Go after your dreams,” and “Believe in success!” Bloomington High School was not a tropical paradise. This idea rang in … They pointed … Top 10 Guard […]

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Protection Dog

Clarksville crying dog video, petition spur death threats – Clarksville Leaf Chronicle Clarksville Leaf ChronicleClarksville crying dog video, petition spur death threatsClarksville Leaf ChronicleClarksville Police will increase patrols near the family's home and will provide additional protection if the family requests it. Calls from 'multiple states'. In an interview with The Leaf-Chronicle on Thursday, Farrell […]

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Guard Dog Taser Flashlight

Editorial: The hard facts on Ferguson – TBO.com Editorial: The hard facts on FergusonTBO.comJay Nixon was forced to send in additional National Guard troops. There were also protests in other cities about the case that has become a symbol for police mistreatment of minorities. Yet the media, rather than focusing on the evidence, widely …and […]

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