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Deco Details at 65 Miles per Hour

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Share this story:The Standard Digital News (satire) (press release) (registration) (blog)She wanted to put her savings to good use by starting a business. We went through a long list of ideas: importing high-end lotions and body splashes, opening a clothes boutique, starting a tuck-shop, getting into the errands business, and on and on …and more »

How to Save Money When You’re Single (thesimpledollar)

If you're single and haven't been told to buy a crock pot, consider yourself lucky. It's probably a sign that you’re doing a fine job making ends meet and saving money for retirement. Buying a slow cooker is probably one of the more popular refrains when it comes to frugal living tips for singles. And with good …
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Space & Time – Errand and Cleaning Service

Space & Time Errand and Cleaning Service
An errand and cleaning services for everyday people and businesses that dont have the time or the ability to run their daily errands but have a desire or need for the service. Offering low and competitive rates and a multitude of services from washing your laundry, ironing, handling your dry cleaning, detailing your home/business, assemble your furniture and even grocery shopping to name a few. Theres no job too big or small. Our professional services, allow us to get your business reorganized, minimize unsightly clutter, increase workspace productivity and even redesign your office with the latest, affordable trends; all within your budget.


Penny Parking Meters

I think it’s great.”   That's what many Sycamore residents say about feeding the parking meters in downtown Sycamore– only a penny for 12 minutes, a nickel for an hour and a dime for two hours. .   Terry Morris has been feeding these meters a penny for over fifty years. He says he doesn't mind because they help residents do their errands quicker and brings in more business …

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