Funny Security Shirts

10_Barlow describes many men bathing in the Evetts Run near town

Off the road – The Australian

Off the roadThe AustralianWEST Australian press gallery journalist Nick Butterly was pinged yesterday by federal Parliament House security for an “offensive” T-shirt. It was a reproduction of the great New York Post headline, “Headless body in topless bar”. As Robert Plant once …and more »

Detroit's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Indicted... Convicted!... RESIGNS!

River’s Edge”: The darkest teen film of all time

"River's Edge" understood '80s kids — and what they'd do to combat that horrible feeling of emptiness.

Why I Davos – Huffington Post

Why I DavosHuffington PostHigh-powered delegates are outnumbered by a highly armed security and military presence. …. Yes there are funny accents, shirts worse than an APEC meeting, and out-of-context pairing taking the stage: Al Gore and pop artist Pharrell Williams. So what?and more »


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