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Job Lot, Saint Pancras Old Church

'Strong heart': Somewhere outside of Charlottesville, Virginia – Marianas Variety

'Strong heart': Somewhere outside of Charlottesville, VirginiaMarianas Variety… Memory serves me right)…far more money than any of us had ever been paid for anything to that point in our lives. For a time, I too would work with them (as a part-time weekend warrior) on the graveyard shift to supplement some of our mutual expenses.

Night Job 10 Second Trailer

Night Job is a short film. You can watch the entire movie online right now by visiting Night Job is also being developed as a full length film. This short is meant to generate interest and find funding for that production.

Night Job –
Two men, a lost soul and an ailing ex-cop, both battling inner demons form an uneasy bound in their pursuit of vigilante crime fighting.

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music – "Afterglow" (Boose's Scorched Earth Mix) by May This House Be Safe From Tigers (written by Myk Porter)

Night Job was written and directed by Aaron Kirk. It was co-produced by Jason Baumgardner and Aaron Kirk.

Always Faithful, Doberman, Military Working Dog, MWD, World War II Memorial, War Dog Cemetery located on Navel Base Guam

Why We Need to Design a Better Way to Kill Satellites – Gizmodo

GizmodoWhy We Need to Design a Better Way to Kill SatellitesGizmodo2,465. That's the number of satellites that are whipping gracefully around the Earth as you read this. Of those, only 1,100 are actually active. The rest are either unresponsive or inactive—essentially, space junk. Here's another number: 21,000. That …and more »

I lead a lavish life off your money’

WHILE jetsetters travel the globe, these people at home are raking it in. They’re funding their very comfortable lifestyles by doing one simple job.…

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