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Holiday shopping season kicks off with temp workers who have no rights – The Guardian (blog)

The Guardian (blog)Holiday shopping season kicks off with temp workers who have no rightsThe Guardian (blog)According to federal law, the security checks are considered “preliminary” activity that are not “integral” and “indispensable” to the actual work that Amazon's employees perform, even if Amazon has made them mandatory, to protect their own interests.

'Whisper' app accused of not hiding whistleblowers (Engadget)

Whisper lets you share secrets without the fear of it getting traced back to you. At least that's the pitch. Now, according to a _Guardian_ report, the service is tracking the location of users that didn't want to be tracked. The report, which deep dives on several issues regarding user privacy and security, adds that Whisper is apparently also sharing info with the US Department of Defense and is retaining posts and user data in a searchable database. Responding to the claims, Editor-in-chief Neetzan Zimmerman says that Whisper "neither receive(s) nor store(s) geographical coordinates" from users who opt out of geolocation services. "User IP addresses may allow (a) very coarse location to be determined to the city, state, or country level."
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**Source:** The Guardian, Whisper.

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