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Times Insider | Persistence Pays Off in Reporting on Jihadi – New York Times

Times Insider | Persistence Pays Off in Reporting on JihadiNew York TimesIn many ways, they were grappling with some of the same questions I had which may explain why they eventually engaged in open conversation with me. Hossam Atef, one of Mr. Yaken's closest friends … It was hard to convey sincerity or to explain how …

Sabres 4, Blue Jackets 2: Forsberg struggles in net – Columbus Dispatch

Columbus DispatchSabres 4, Blue Jackets 2: Forsberg struggles in netColumbus DispatchWeekly Online Chats. Each week (usually at 1 p.m. Wednesdays) during during the NHL season, Dispatch beat writer Aaron Portzline answers readers' questions. Join us for our next Blue Jackets online chat or read the most recent chat transcript.and more »

The art of interviewing (The Brian Alvey Weblog)

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Back in 2001, I was working for my friend Jason Calacanis at his company Rising Tide Studios as CTO. The dotcom crash was hitting our magazine and conferences business pretty hard. It was tough to put out a monthly magazine with two-page spreads showing hot NYC startups when they were rapidly vanishing. With them gone, who would advertise in your magazine and sponsor your events — or even show up at your events?
So Jason switched gears. (That's what we called "pivoting" back in the day.) He stopped doing the thousand attendee $1,000 ticket events and he did more focused little summits with 100 CEOs discussing trends and markets that were still being invested in like security, healthcare and wireless. His 100-CEO events were the inspiration for my Meet The Makers events in 2002, partly because I liked the model of qualified free attendees drawing paying sponsors and partly because of my ego. I felt like I was at least as smart as Jason and if he could interview a bunch of people on stage for a living, then so could I.
But _my_ events would feature the people …

AUDIO: Bowen questioned over Assad interview

Following an exclusive interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the BBC's Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen took questions from Syrians on World Have Your Say.


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