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U.S. Union Membership Less Than 12 Percent

Trial Comes For Eddie Ray Routh, Marine Accused Of Killing 'American Sniper' – KERA News

KERA NewsTrial Comes For Eddie Ray Routh, Marine Accused Of Killing 'American Sniper'KERA NewsBoth had attended high school southwest of Dallas in the town of Midlothian, the self-proclaimed "Cement Capital of Texas." Each had played football for the … Kc Bernard, a former security guard at Midlothian High, remembers Routh as a decent …and more »

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Wethersfield Hires Full Time School Security Director – Hartford Courant

Hartford CourantWethersfield Hires Full Time School Security DirectorHartford CourantRetired Hartford police Captain Harold "Hal" Even began work last week, schools superintendent Michael Emmett said. Even is visiting … Another high priority is to assure everyone knows the security protocols and to practice them, Even said. He also …

Even Democrats Are Hating on Public-Sector Unions These Days (Reason Magazine – Hit and Run)

What's that old saying? "Things that can't go on forever won't."
_Politico_ reports "Public employee unions under fire again: And not just from Republicans." It turns out that higher-than-market compensation packages for state and local workers are putting the Cobra Clutch on budgets like Sgt. Slaughter used to put on wrestlers in the WWF.
> Democratic politicians have sometimes clashed with public-employee unions over pensions that are squeezing state budgets. Here, too, Illinois features prominently, because nowhere does the state pension problem weigh more heavily. The state’s Democratic attorney general, Lisa Madigan, is arguing in court for emergency powers to trim state pension benefits.
> “As expenditures on benefits increase,” writes Daniel DiSalvo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a conservative nonprofit, in his 2015 book “Public Union Power and Its Consequences,” these expenditures “‘crowd out’ government spending on parks, education, public safety and other services on which the poor and middle class rely. In short, government costs more but does less.” Such pressures are felt by Republicans and Democrats alike — indeed, so much so that some Democrats now openly pronounce themselves anti-union. In his book, DiSalvo quotes San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed, a Democrat who’s …

Be wary of Harper’s anti-terror bill, Edward Snowden warns Toronto students

Speaking from an undisclosed location in Russia, American whistleblower Edward Snowden warned Toronto high school students to be wary of the federal government’s proposed anti-terror bill. “The problem with mass surveillance is when you collect everything, you understand nothing,” he said via a Google Hangout connection on Monday evening. The Harper bill to increase the power of the Canadian …


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