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Cutler: Immigration Reform Begins by Stopping Terror at Border – Newsmax

Cutler: Immigration Reform Begins by Stopping Terror at BorderNewsmaxIt's "well and good" that Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says the U.S. Is keeping tabs on some 40 Americans who have re-entered the country after traveling to Iraq and Syria to fight with terrorists, but more must be done to keep illegals from …

TSA's Airport "Behavior Detection Program" Found to Target …

Http://democracynow.org – The Intercept revealed last month that it is quite easy to be deemed a "suspected terrorist" at airports in the United States. A leaked checklist used by the Transportation Security Administration shows an expansive list of "suspicious signs" for screening passengers, including yawning, fidgeting, whistling, throat clearing and staring at one's feet. All of these, according to the TSA, are considered behaviors that indicate stress or deception. Well now The Intercept has revealed who the program actually targets: not terrorists, but undocumented immigrants. Taking a five-week period at a major U.S. Airport, The Intercept found that 90 percent of all those arrested were detained for being in the country illegally. Not a single passenger was arrested or suspected for ties to terrorism. The overwhelming detention of undocumented immigrants bolsters criticism that government screening programs have targeted passengers with racial profiling. We speak to the reporter who broke this story, Jana Winter.

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Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano visit to New Zealand

In immigration news: Homeland Security official accused of favoritism, child … – 89.3 KPCC (blog)

89.3 KPCC (blog)In immigration news: Homeland Security official accused of favoritism, child …89.3 KPCC (blog)Top Homeland Official Alejandro Mayorkas Accused of Political Favoritism- ABC News A report from a Homeland Security investigation alleges that Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas fostered “'an appearance of favoritism and special …Top Homeland Official Alejandro Mayorkas Accused of Political FavoritismABC NewsAlejandro Mayorkas shows 'favoritism' to wealthy, Dem-connected immigrants …Washington TimesHomeland Security Watchdog Cites Favoritism in EB-5 Visa ProgramWall Street JournalLos Angeles Times -wtvr.comall 238 news articles »

EXCLUSIVE: ICE, Homeland Security arrest more than 1,200 in nationwide gang raids – VIDEO: Nationwide crackdown on …

EXCLUSIVE: Targeting gangs across the country, teams from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) arrested more than 1,200 people, while seizing weapons and drugs directly used by international crime syndicates.


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